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Sodium-based nano-ionic synaptic transistor with improved retention characteristics / Kyumin Lee, Jongwon Lee, Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam, Seongjae Heo and Hyunsang Hwang /  Nanotechnology 31(45), pp. 455204 (202011)​


Resistive Switching in Few-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride Mediated by Defects and Interfacial Charge Transfer / Hokyeong Jeong, Jiye Kim, Dong Yeong Kim, Jaewon Kim, Seokho Moon, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Sangmin Lee, Hyunsang Hwang, Si-Young Choi, and Jong Kyu Kim / ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2020, 12(41), pp. 46288-46295 (202010) 


Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3-Based Three-Terminal Synapse for Neuromorphic Computing / Chuljun Lee , Krishn Gopal Rajput, Wooseok Choi , Myonghoon Kwak , Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam, Seyoung Kim , Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 2020, 41(10), pp. 1500-1503, 9178786 (202010) 


Analysis of bending behavior of TiN particle-reinforced martensitic steel using micro-digital image correlation / Dong Hyuk Kim, Yujin Seong, Jung Gi Kim, Jongwon Lee, Min Hong Seo, Hyunsang Hwang, Hyoung Seop Kim / Materials Science and Engineering A 2020, 794, 139965 (202009) 


Understanding of Selector-Less 1S1R Type Cu-Based CBRAM Devices by Controlling Sub-Quantum Filament / Writam Banerjee, Hyunsang Hwang / Advanced Electronic Materials 6(9),2000488 (202009) 


Improved Pattern Recognition Accuracy of Hardware Neural Network: Deactivating Short Failed Synapse Device by Adopting Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS)-based Fuse Device / Myonghoon Kwak, Sangmin Lee, Seyoung Kim, Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 41(9),9139301, pp. 1436-1439 (202009) 


WOx-Based Synapse Device with Excellent Conductance Uniformity for Hardware Neural Networks / Wooseok Choi , Sang-Gyun Gi , Donguk Lee, Seokjae Lim , Chuljun Lee, Byung-Geun Lee , Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 19,9143509, pp. 594-600 (202007) 


Understanding of the Abrupt Resistive Transition in Different types of Threshold Switching Devices from Materials Perspective / Sangmin Lee , Jongmyung Yoo , Jaehyuk Park , Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 67(7),9115221, pp. 2878-2883 (202007) 


Experimental Determination of the Tunable Threshold Voltage Characteristics in a AgₓTe₁₋ₓ/Al₂O₃/TiO₂-Based Hybrid Memory Device ​/ Changhyuck Sung, Seokjae Lim, Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 41(5),9027923, pp. 713-716​ (202005)


Excellent synaptic behavior of lithium-based nano-ionic transistor based on optimal WO2.7 stoichiometry with high ion diffusivity / Jongwon Lee, Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam, Seokjae Lim, Myonghoon Kwak, Hyunsang Hwang ​/ Nanotechnology 31(23), pp. 235203 (202003)


Controlled Ionic Tunneling in Lithium Nanoionic Synaptic Transistor through Atomically Thin Graphene Layer for Neuromorphic Computing / Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam, Myonghoon Kwak, Jongwon Lee, Krishn Gopal Rajput, Hyunsang Hwang ​/ Advanced Electronic Materials6(2),1901100​ (202002)


Engineering of defects in resistive random access memory devices /  Writam Banerjee,  Qi Liu, and  Hyunsang Hwang / Journal of Applied Physics 127(5),051101 (202002) 


Evolution of 0.7 conductance anomaly in electric field driven ferromagnetic CuO junction based resistive random access memory devices /  Writam Banerjee, Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 116(5),053502 (202002) 


Threshold Voltage Drift in Te-Based Ovonic Threshold Switch Devices Under Various Operation Conditions / Jongmyung Yoo, Ilya Karpov, Sangmin Lee, Jaimyun Jung, Hyoung Seop Kim, Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 41(1),8924678, pp. 191-194 (202001) 


Near ideal synaptic functionalities in Li ion synaptic transistor using Li3POxSex electrolyte with high ionic conductivity /Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam, Myonghoon Kwak, Jongwon Lee, Krishn Gopal Rajput, Writam Banerjee, Hyunsang Hwang​/​ Scientific Reports 9(1),18883​​ (201912)


Field-induced nucleation switching in binary ovonic threshold switches / Sangmin Lee,  Jongmyung Yoo, Jaehyuk Park, and  Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 115(23), 233503 (201912)


Structural engineering of Li based electronic synapse for high reliability / Yunseok Choi, Chuljun Lee, Myungjun Kim, Yubin Song, Hyunsang Hwang, Daeseok Lee / IEEE Electron Device Letters 40(12), pp. 1992 - 1995 (201912)


Ferroelectric materials for neuromorphic computing / S. Oh, H. Hwang, and I. K. Yoo / APL Materials 7(9),091109 (201909) 


Quantized Conduction Device with 6‐Bit Storage Based on Electrically Controllable Break Junctions / Writam Banerjee, Hyunsang Hwang / Advanced Electronic Materials 1900744 (201909) 


One transistor-two resistive RAM device for realizing bidirectional and analog neuromorphic synapse devices / Seokjae Lim, Myounghoon Kwak, and Hyunsang Hwang / Nanotechnology 30 (2019) 455201 (201908)