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Multi-layer tunnel barrier (Ta2O5/TaO x/TiO2) engineering for bipolar RRAM selector applications  / Jiyong Woo, Wootae Lee, Sangsu Park, Seonghyun Kim, Daeseok Lee, Godeuni Choi, Euijun Cha, Ji hyun Lee, Woo young Jung, Chan gyung Park, and Hyunsang Hwang, / 2013 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits 

RRAM-based Synapse for Neuromorphic System with Pattern Recognition Function /  S. Park, H. Kim, M. Choo, J. Noh, A. Sheri, S. Jung, K. Seo, J. Park, S. Kim, W. Lee, J. Shin, D. Lee*, G. Choi*, J. Woo*, E. Cha*, J. Jang*, C. Park, M.Jeon, B. Lee, B.H. Lee, H. Hwang* / 2012 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting
Ultrathin (<10nm) Nb2O5/NbO2 Hybrid Memory with Both Memory and Selector Characteristics for High Density 3D Vertically Stackable RRAM Applications / S. Kim, X. Liu, J. Park, S. Jung, W. Lee, J. Woo, J. Shin, G. Choi, C. Cho, S. Park, D. Lee, E.-j. Cha, B.-H. Lee, H.D. Lee, S.G. Kim, S. Jung, H. Hwang / 2012 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits

Varistor-type Bidirectional Switch (JMAX>107A/cm2, Selectivity~104) for 3D Bipolar Resistive Memory Arrays / W. Lee, J. Park, J. Shin, J. Woo, S. Kim, G. Choi, S. Jung, S. Park, D. Lee, E. Cha, H.D. Lee*, S.G. Kim*, S. Chung*, H. Hwang / 2012 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits

Resistive switching characteristics of solution-processed TiOx for next-generation non-volatile memory application; transparency, flexibility, and nano-scale memory feasibility / S. Jung, J. Kong, S. Song, K. Lee, T. Lee, H. Hwang, and S. Jeon / 17th Conference on "Insulating Films on Semiconductors"
(INFOS 2011) (2011.06)
Resistive switching characteristics of ultra-thin TiOx / J. Park, S. Jung, J. Lee, W. Lee, S. Kim, J. Shin, and H. Hwang / 17th Conference on "Insulating Films on Semiconductors"(INFOS 2011) (2011.06)
Band-edge metal gate materials for atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 for future CMOS technology Musarrat Hasan, Hokyung Park, Joon-myong Lee, Minseok Jo and Hyunsang Hwang Insulating Films On Semiconductors (INFOS), 2007.06.20-25
Oxygen vacancy induced charge trapping and bias temperature instability in HfO2  Minseok Jo, Hokyung Park, Man Chang, Hyung-Seok Jung, Jong-Ho Lee and Hyunsang Hwang Insulating Films On Semiconductors (INFOS), 2007.06.20-24
Improvement of Memory Properties for MANOS-engine Nonvolatile Memory Devices with High-Pressure Wet Vapor Annealing, Man Chang, Musarrat Hasan, Seungjae Jung, Hokyung Park, Minseok Jo, Hyejung Choi, Moonjae Kwon, Hyunsang Hwang, Sanmoo Choi, Insulating Films On Semiconductors (INFOS), 2007.06.20-23
Structural and Electrical Properties of High pressure Hydrogen Post-Annealed Pt-Er Ally Metal gate on HfO2 film Cheljong Choi, Moongyu Jang, Yarkyeon Kim, Myungsim Jeon, Seongjae Lee, Hyundoek Yang, Ranju Jung, Man Chang and Hyunsang Hwang  2008  211th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society pp, 582 2007.05.06-12
Resistance switching characteristics of metal oxides for nonvolatile memory application Dongsoo Lee, Wenfeng Xiang, Dongjun Sung, Rui Dong, Seokjoon Oh, Hyejung Choi and Hyunsang Hwang 2007  211th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society pp.658 2007.05.06-11
High Pressure Deuterium Annealing Effect on Nano-Scale Strained CMOS Devices Sung-Man Cho, Jeong-Hyun Lee, Man Chang, Min-Seok Jo, Hyun-Sang Hwang, Jong-kon Lee, Sung-Bo Hwang and Jong-Ho Lee 2007 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium Proceedings 45th annual pp. 674 2007.04.15-19
Effect of high-pressure deuterium annealing on electrical and reliability characteristics of high-K MOSFET" Hokyung Park, Musarrat Hasan, Man Chang, Minseok Jo and Hyunsang Hwang The 12th Workshop on Gate Stack Technology and Physics 2007.02.02
High Pressure Deuterium Annealing Effect on Nano-Scale Strained CMOS Devices, Sung-Man Cho, Jeong-Hyun Lee, Man Chang, Min-Seok Jo, Hyun-Sang Hwang, Jong-kon Lee, Sung-Bo Hwang and Jong-Ho Lee, 2007 IRPS, 2007.06
Ta-Sc-N intermixed metal gate structure for low work function metal gate for future MOSFET technology, Musarrat Hasan, Hokyoung Park, Hyejung Choi, Dongsoo Lee and Hyunsang Hwang, 38th IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference, 2006.12
Excellent uniformity and reproducible resistance switching of doped binary metal oxides for non-volatile resistance memory applications, Dongsoo Lee, Dong-jun Seong, Hye jung Choi, In hwa Jo, R. Dong ,W. Xiang, ,Seokjoon Oh, Sun-ok Seo, Seongho Heo, Min Seok Jo, Dae-Kyu Hwang, H. K Park, M. Chang, M. Hasan, and Hyunsang Hwang,  Internation Electron Device Meeting (IEDM), 30.8.1-4, 2006.12.11-13, (CA, 0.1Terabit NVM)
Formations of nanocrystal for non-volatile memory applications, Moonjae Kwon, Hyejung Choi, Man Chang, Minseok Jo, Seong-jae Jeong and Hyunsang Hwang, 2006 NAIST/GIST Joint Symposium on advanced materials , pp.32, 2006.11.20-25 (CA)
High Pressure Deuterium Annealing Effect on Nano-Scale CMOS Devices with Dirrerent Channel Width, Sung-Man Cho, Jeong-Hyn Lee, Man Chang, Min-seok Jo, Hyunsang Hwang, J-K. Lee, S-B. Hwang and Jong-Ho Lee, IEEE NMDC 2006, pp.98-99, 2006.10.22-25 (ETC)
Thermal stability of metal electrodes and its impact on gate dielecric characteristics, H. Park, W.C.Wen, M.Chang, M. Jo, R. Choi, B.H. Lee, S.C. Song, C.Y. Kang, T.Lee, G. Brown, J.C.Lee and H. Hwang, Int. Conf. of Solid state device & Materials (SSDM), pp.1134-1135, 2006.10-13-15, (CA, sematech, 풍산)
Nano-scale memory characcteristics of SiN trapping layer with silicon nanocrystals prepared by SiH4 plasma immersion ion implantation, Hyejung Choi, Sangmoo Choi, Tae-wook Kim, Takhee Lee and Hyunsang Hwang, The IUMRS International Conference in Asia 2006, pp.91, 2006.09.10-14, (CA, 국민대)