Semiconductor Integrated Device & Process Lab.


The 21st century is the time when the importance of semiconductors is emphasized more than ever before.
Digital society in the 21st century is being created by semiconductor.
We will continue to strive for better technology.


Improvement of endurance and switching speed in Hf1− x Zr x O2 thin films using a nanolaminate structure / H Jang, A Kashir, S Oh, H Hwang / Nanotechnology 33 (39), 395205

RRAM-based synapse and I&F neuron device for neuromorphic pattern recognition system / Hyunsang Hwang / NTU Singapore Colleage of Science (School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), online, 2022.07.21​​​

Improving the SiGeAsTe Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS) Characteristics by Microwave Annealing for Excellent Endurance (>1011) and Low Drift Characteristics / J. Lee; S. H. Kim; S. Lee; S. Ban; S. Heo; D. Lee; O. Mosendz*; H. Hwang / 2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology & Circuits