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Self-Limited CBRAM With Threshold Selector for 1S1R Crossbar Array Applications / Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, Seokjae Lim, Solomon Amsalu Chekol, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 38(11), pp. 1532-1535 (201711)


Effects of Liner Thickness on the Reliability of AgTe/TiO2-Based Threshold Switching Devices / Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, Jongmyung Yoo, Solomon Amsalu Chekol, Seokjae Lim, Changhyuck Sung, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 64(11), pp.4763-4767 (201711)


Field-induced nucleation in threshold switching characteristics of electrochemical metallization devices / Jongmyung Yoo, Jaehyuk Park, Jeonghwan Song, Seokjae Lim, and Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 111(6),063109 (201710)


Excellent Threshold Selector Characteri​stics of Cu2S-based Atomic Switch Device / Seokjae Lim, Jiyong Woo, and Hyunsang Hwang / ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6(9), pp. 586-588 (201710)


Dual functionality of threshold and multilevel resistive switching characteristics in nanoscale HfO2-based RRAM devices for artificial neuron and synapse elements / Jiyong Woo, Dongwook Lee, Yunmo Koo, Hyunsang Hwang / Microelectronic Engineering 182(5) pp. 42-45 (201710)


Reduced off-current of NbO2 by thermal oxidation of polycrystalline Nb wire / Solomon Amsalu Chekol, Jeonghwan Song, Jaehyuk Park, Euijun Cha, Seokjae Lim, and Hyunsang Hwang / ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6(9), pp. 641-643 (201709)


Linking Conductive Filament Properties and Evolution to Synaptic Behavior of RRAM Devices for Neuromorphic Applications / Jiyong Woo, Andrea Padovani, Kibong Moon, Myounghun Kwak, Luca Larcher, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 38(9), pp. 1220-1223 (201709)


Nanometer-Scale Phase Transformation Determines Threshold and Memory Switching Mechanism / Byeong-Gyu Chae, Jae-Bok Seol,* Jeong-Hwan Song, Kyungjoon Baek, Sang-Ho Oh, Hyunsang Hwang, and Chan-Gyung Park / Advanced Materials 29(30),1701752 (201708)


Improved Conductance Linearity and Conductance Ratio of 1T2R Synapse Device for Neuromorphic Systems / Kibong Moon, Myounghoon Kwak, Jaesung Park, Dongwook Lee, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 38(8), pp. 1023-1026 (201708)


Automatic ReRAM SPICE Model Generation From Empirical Data for Fast ReRAM-Circuit Coevaluation / Jaehyun Seo, Sangheon Lee, Kwangmin Kim, Sooeun Lee, Hyunsang Hwang, and Byungsub Kim / IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems 25(6),7840076, pp. 1821-1830 (201706) 


Multi-layered NiOy/NbOx/NiOy fast drift-free threshold switch with high on/off ratio for selector application / Jaehyuk Park, Tobias Hadamek, Agham B. Posadas, Euijun Cha, Alexander A. Demkov & Hyunsang Hwang / Scientific Reports 7(1), 4068 (201706)​


Effect of a self-limited reset operation on the reset breakdown characteristics of a monolithically integrated 1T1R RRAM / Changhyuck Sung, Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, and Hyunsang Hwang / ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6(7), pp. 440-442 (201706)


HfZrOx-Based Ferroelectric Synapse Device With 32 Levels of Conductance States for Neuromorphic Applications / Seungyeol Oh, Taeho Kim, Myunghoon Kwak, Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, Sanghun Jeon, In Kyeong Yoo and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 38(6), pp. 732-735 (201706)


Simple Binary Ovonic Threshold Switching Material SiTe and Its Excellent Selector Performance for High-Density Memory Array Application / Yunmo Koo, Sangmin Lee, Seonggeon Park, Minkyu Yang, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 38(5),7883863, pp. 568-571 (201705)


Controllable quantized conductance for multilevel data storage applications using conductive bridge random access memory / Fekadu Gochole Aga, Jiyong Woo, Jeonghwan Song, Jaehyuk Park, Seokjae Lim, Changhyuck Sung and Hyunsang Hwang / Nanotechnology 28(11), 115707 (201702)  


In situ TEM observation on the interface-type resistive switching by electrochemical redox reactions at a TiN/PCMO interface / Kyungjoon Baek, Sangsu Park, Jucheol Park, Young-Min Kim, Hyunsang Hwang, and Sang Ho Oh / Nanoscale 9(2), pp. 582-593 (201701)


Neuromorphic computing using non-volatile memory / Geoffrey W. Burr, Robert M. Shelby, Abu Sebastian, Sangbum Kim, Seyoung Kim, Severin Sidler, Kumar Virwani, Masatoshi Ishii, Pritish Narayanan, Alessandro Fumarola, Lucas L. Sanches, Irem Boybat, Manuel Le Gallo, Kibong Moon, Jiyoo Woo, Hyunsang Hwang, Yusuf Leblebici / Advances in Physics: X 2(1), pp. 89–124 (201701)

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