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Improving the selector characteristics of ovonic threshold switch via UV treatment process / Yoori Seo, Jangseop Lee, Sanghyun Ban, Dongmin Kim, Geonhui Han, Hyunsang Hwang  / Applied Physics Letters, 123(24), 242103 (202312)


Excellent Reliability Characteristics of Ovonic Threshold Switch Device with Higher-Temperature Forming Technique / Jangseop Lee, Sanghyun Ban, Yoori Seo, Dongmin Kim, Hyunsang Hwang / Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 2023, 2300412 (202311) 


Integrated Logic Circuits Based on Wafer-Scale 2D-MoS2 FETs Using Buried-Gate Structures / Ju-Ah Lee; Jongwon Yoon; Seungkwon Hwang; Hyunsang Hwang; Jung-Dae Kwon; Seung-Ki Lee; Yonghun Kim  / Nanomaterials, 13(21), 2870 (202311) 


Improved Switching Uniformity of SCLC-RRAM Using the Vertically Formed Nanoscale 2DEG Electrode and Control of Oxygen Vacancy Distribution / Jiho Kim, Ohhyuk Kwon, Kyumin Lee, Hyunsang Hwang  / ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 5(11), 6178–6188 (202310) 


Exploring the Cutting-Edge Frontiers of Electrochemical Random Access Memories (ECRAMs) for Neuromorphic Computing: Revolutionary Advances in Material-to-Device Engineering / Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam, Jongwon Lee, Kyumin Lee, Hyunsang Hwang  / Small, 19(40), 2302593 (202310) 


Defect Engineering of BTe Ovonic Threshold Switch (OTS) with Nitrogen Doping for Improved Electrical and Reliability Performance / Jangseop Lee; Sanghyun Ban; Tae Hoon Lee; Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters, 44(9), pp. 1468–1471 (202309) 


Inherent Stochasticity of Ovonic Threshold Switch for Neuronal Dropout of Edge-AI Hardware / Dongmin Kim, Wooseok Choi, Jangseop Lee, Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters, 44(8), pp. 1372–1375 (202308) 


Understanding Controlled Ion Doping Mechanism of Vertical Sensing Electrochemical Random Access Memory Using Ion-Permeable Graphene Electrodes / Jongwon Lee; Revannath Dnyandeo Nikam; Dongmin Kim; Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 70(7), pp. 3951–3957 (202307)


Composition optimization of HfxZr1-xO2thin films to achieve the morphotrophic phase boundary for high- k dielectrics / Seungyeol Oh ; Hojung Jang; Hyunsang Hwang / Journal of Applied Physics, 133(15), 154102 (202304)


NbO2selector device with Ge2Sb2Te5thermal barrier for low off current (300 nA) and low power operation / Ohhyuk Kwon ; Jangseop Lee ; Kyumin Lee ; Wooseok Choi ; Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters, 122(11), 113502 (202303)


Cell Design Considerations for Ovonic Threshold Switch-Based 3-D Cross-Point Array / Sanghyun Ban; Jangseop Lee; Taehoon Kim; Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 70(3), pp. 1034-1041 (202303)


Novel High-Speed Ternary Logic Using Step-Shaped Threshold Switch / Junjong Lee, Seongjae Heo, Hyunsang Hwang, Rock-Hyun Baek / IEEE Electron Device Letters, 44(3), pp. 368-371 (202303) 


Vacuum gap atomic switch with improved controllability of quantized conduction states and low transition energy / Sunhyeong Lee, Seungwoo Lee, and Hyunsang Hwang / AIP Advances, 13(2), 025053 (202302)

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